You love pastel colors? Unicorns or rainbows are your favorite? Then you will love this slime recipe. Add any color you like or even combine different colors. You will impress your friends, for sure!

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Step by step recipe


1 UHU Glue Pen
Food colour
2 cups Shaving foam
10 tsp Contact lens multipurpose solution

Step 1

Mix 1 UHU Glue Pen with food colour.

Step 2

Add 2 cups of shaving foam and mix everything well.

Step 3

Add 10 teaspoons of contact lens fluid.

Step 4

Mix again thoroughly.

Step 5

In the end, the Slime should detach well from the sides. If not, add more contact lens solution.

Step 6

Knead the Slime until it has the desired consistency.

Step 7

To reuse the Slime later, please pack it airtight.